Sarah Effinger

People, Operations, and Strategy


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April 2023 - Present

People, Operations, and Strategy Consultant

Freelance Clients include: Flintridge Center, JerseySTEM, The Armory, OTIC Theater Collective

I am currently consulting for non-profits, leading efforts across marketing and communications strategy, events, talent acquisition, and individual and corporate giving.

May 2021 - April 2023

Talent Recruitment Consultant

Industries include Advertising, Tech, Entertainment, Food and Beverage

Overseeing roles in Design, Admin, Project Management, Tech, and Marketing


Covered 12 network shows per TV season, overseeing data migration and records management for Senior Vice Presidents of Programming.

CBS Network


CBS Studios/Netflix

A love of character and story led me to a career in entertainment, but I was soon drawn to the actual mechanisms that help run a production. Leading me to a role at CBS Network.

Executive Assistant

While at CBS, I began my journey of corporate social responsibility, organizing a fundraiser for was able to partner with Human Resources to create an Employee Resource Group. I soon realized my love of understanding character motivations could be used to help people. I decided to get my MBA focusing on Organizational Change Management at Pepperdine.
A year into my time at Pepperdine, I wanted to concentrate my career on helping others and found my way to Creative Circle helping others in reach their career potential.


Pepperdine Graziadio Master of Business Administration, Managing Organizational Change and Leadership

Clients include: Warner Music Group, Epoch Films, Radical Media

During my journey obtaining my Master of Business Administration program with a specialization in Managing Organizational Change and Leadership, I learned a great deal about leading and facilitating transformations within organizations. I delved into subjects such as finance, marketing, strategy, and operations management. These courses, coupled with my E2B consulting clients provided me with a holistic understanding of how businesses operated and the various components that contributed to their success.

Writer's Assistant

As a writers' assistant I had a front seat to the development of a streaming show, learning the ins and outs of a major production while focusing on character and story development.


CBS Studios

Assistant to Writer under Development Deal



Development Coordinator
Assistant to CEO


Production Coordinator

Creative Circle

My early career touched as much of the entertainment industry as possible from commercials to television, streaming, and film.

April 2019

Warner Brothers Music Group

Producer (Contract)

I hopped on to produce a music video, working as a solo production team, helping to create a music video that would go on to get coverage in and be a hit with fans. I fell in love with leading a team, and began to pursue the journey to my MBA.

Brand Exposure

An abbreviated list of some of the brands I've partnered with throughout the years.